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? Fragrance Washing Machine Cleaning Detergent Tablet ? 

? Various Aplication
This Lavender fragrance effervescent tablet is suitable for cleaning septic tanks, front load washing machine, top load washing machine and conventional washers, keep your machine in a safe, neat and organized working environment.

? Odor Eliminator
No More Smelly Washer. Descaler Will Freshen Your Laundry Machine Basket, Rubber Gasket, And Internal Parts So Your Clothes Will Come Out Clean And Smelling Fresh.

? Effective Performance
This solid washing machine cleaner has triple decontamination and active oxygen decontamination features which has strong dirt removing performance, can effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible.


? How to use
? Put 1-3 tablets in the washing machine drum, not in detergent box. Close the door.
? Start the washing machine, choose highest water fill and run for 5-10 minutes to make the product fully dissolved. Skip any prewash. (When the dirt is serious, use 40-60 degrees warm water to stimulate the active oxygen, and the decontamination performance is better)
? Pause the machine and let it soak for 2-3 hours to make the product fully penetrate to achieve the best decontamination effect
? After the soaking is completed, start the “washing-rinsing-dehydration”, the washing process. If there is more dirt, repeat step 4, then wipe off the dirt attached to the inner cylinder with burlap.
? The first use of washing machine tank cleaning agent is recommended to use 4-5 tablets at a time, regularly cleaning recommended to use 1-2 tablets at a time, regularly use this product every 2 months.