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1PCS FRIDGE CONTAINER 1500ML Food Storage Container With Removable Drain Plate And Lid, 1500 Ml (Pack Of 1 Pc)

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₹ 199


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Keep your Fridge Organized
Refrigerator plastic bins with lids are made to provide you with a convenient, hygienic and cost-friendly way to add more structure to the way you store your meats and groceries while helping reduce the clutter to organize all your fridge essentials the easy way.

Multipurpose use
Fridge storage organizer fridge containers is having multipurpose uses; this fridge storage box can be used for storing vegetables meat fish left over food etc. or can be used to store dry ingredients in the kitchen in the storing racks

Fridge Organizer
This storage boxes for fridge helps in the organizing the fridge giving a lot of space to keep other items; Reuse this fridge side storage rack to store other items in the kitchen and it is also very easy to clean

With Drain Lid at Bottom
Fridge organizers storage box set comes with a drain lid below which drains the moisture from the food which helps in keeping the fruits & vegetables fresh all over the long durations; this fridge storage box is a blessing for urban modern smaller kitchens or where there are space constraints

Durable & Air Tight
This containers for fridge storage set is made of high food grade plastic which is highly durable and air tight; fridge storage containers for vegetables acts as a multipurpose unit storing cutlery ingredients and more

Transparent & Elegant Design
Fridge containers for storage set is designed and crafted with beautiful design and outer edges with high grade plastic which gives a beauty to your modular kitchen

Stackable to Save Space
The container design allows for excellent space savings in the refrigerator, freezer, cupboard and drawers.
They help organize the fridge and keep things clean and tidy.