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2IN1 SOAP DISPENSOR Dish Soap Dispenser for Kitchen

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₹ 499


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  • Pump Mechanism: The dispenser features a pump mechanism for easy dispensing of liquid soap. The pump is usually made of plastic as well and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

  • 2 In 1‘: Soap Dispenser And Sponge Holder 2 In 1 Design For Kitchen Use, Easy To Fill Soap Liquid, No More Messy Dripping, Convenient To Use.

  • Dispensing Nozzle: The pump is equipped with a dispensing nozzle that controls the amount of soap released with each pump. This helps to prevent wastage and ensures that users can easily regulate the quantity of soap they dispense.

  • Refillable: The dispenser is designed to be refillable, allowing users to easily replenish the soap supply when it runs out. This often involves a twist-off or pop-up mechanism to access the interior for refilling.

  • Design and Color: The design and color of the plastic round liquid soap dispenser can vary, ranging from simple and utilitarian to more decorative and stylish options. Common colors include white, clear, or neutral tones that can blend with various bathroom or kitchen decors.

  • Compatibility: These dispensers are compatible with various liquid soaps, including hand soaps, dish soaps, or even sanitizers, depending on the user's preference