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The brush is fine and can penetrate into every slit of the screen window for easy dust removal. And the soft hook hairbrush surface can clean both sides of the screen window. A double-sided scraping head makes the screen window cleaner. It can be used dry for light dusting and maintenance cleaning, or you can get it wet to increase your power. The tail of the handle has a hanging hole, which can be hung and stored, does not occupy space, and is convenient for pick and place. According to the actual situation, the handle is longer, the use is more convenient, and the far and near can be brushed. Easy to wash It can be washed with water without using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Two-in-one Design: The window cleaning brush adopts a two-in-one design, which can not only be used as a cleaning brush to clean the dust on the hand-washing countertop but also can be used as a wiper to scrape off the water stains on the mirror .
  • Clean at Any Time: You can easily clean your home anytime, anywhere. The multi-functional cleaning brush adopts a groove design, which is easy to disassemble and install
  • Widening Treatments: Our two-in-one window cleaning brush has been widened and lengthened, allowing you to save time and effort when cleaning, with higher cleaning efficiency.
  • Easy to Clean: The wiper blade in the cleaning brush can easily scrape the water stains attached to the glass windows, bathroom mirrors, and car windshields, making the window glass clearer.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Decontamination cleaning brushes are widely used in the cleaning of bathtubs, shower rooms, glass doors and windows, washstands, toilets, walls, floors, etc. It is very practical