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30pcs wall Plant Climbing Clip widely used for holding plants and poultry purposes and all ( Box )


Description :-

  • The wall fixtures clips for plants, especially for vine species, help the vines plants to extend their branches and climb on the wall. You can place the clip on the proper place for plants to grow as the route you want, building a beautiful vine wall for house.

  • The fixing clip effectively saves the indoor space, so that the vine can be fixed on the wall without taking up space, so make vine branches grow the way you plan, to make the home tidy and beautiful, and the space is larger.

  • Twist lock design, The plant clip is twist clock, just one twist to open the clip or close the clip, for better fixing the plant's branches, very convenient to use.

  • Easy to use and the convenient self adhesive design make the clip easier to stick or remove, and as the good sticking performance, the clip can be reused for 2- 3times. Suitable for all kinds of smooth walls, glass, marble and solid wood walls, not suitable for frosted walls.

  • 30 pcs plant climbing clips, can be widely used in green house, garden, balcony, etc. Also can be used as cable organizer, wire organizer etc in home and office.