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Description :-

  • This corner protector for sharp edges is made of soft and transparent PVC, environment friendly, non-toxic and odourless. It's can be squeezed or pulled repeatedly and will not easy to deformed or tear.
  • The Upgraded arc-shaped design ensure that the side and corner of the table will be fully protected, which provides strong protection for your baby safety.
  • The corner protector for sharp edges comes with double sided tape, that has a strong viscosity and can adhere securely to surfaces where you need. This product is only suitable for clean and smooth flat surfaces.
  • This corner protector for sharp edges with pre-taped adhesive, that you can easy to install it very fast. Just peel off press and let stand for 24 hours. If you want to remove the safety bumper strip, do not tear it off directly, please use a hair dryer to soften it firstly and then tear it off slowly to prevent tearing the furniture.
  • The baby proofing corner guards is suitable for most furniture. Such as tables, cabinets, drawers, fireplace and so on. And transparent edge protector strip blends with your furniture, maintaining its original appearance.