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Description :-

Keeps Food Fresh

We brings to you premium quality aluminum foil, that keeps your food fresh and retains flavor. It is useful for packing meals for your loved ones who want their cooked food such as rotis and parathas fresh and soft. You can also wrap sandwiches or store leftovers in this foil. aluminum foils are food safe and act as a barrier to light and oxygen

High quality aluminum foil wrap for your kitchen 

preserves warmth and freshness of food for your breakfast, lunch, dinner

Hygienic & safe aluminum roll 

Perfect for cooking, baking and packing of food in your kitchen


Keep foil away from electrical elements

Do not allow foil to come into direct contact with naked flame

Natural cutter (No external metal or plastic)


Keep food fresh and hygienic

Keep in Flavors, moisture and juicers

Perfect for storing most foods.


Size :- 9 Mtr

Usage : Keep to food Fresh