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When studying and working, avoid repeatedly getting up and opening the door to improve the efficiency of study and work; it can prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering the room, and mice will not have the opportunity to enter the room to steal things, which can prevent kitchen fumes from entering the living room, which is effective Isolate the moisture and stale air from the bathroom; when you turn on the air conditioner, the hot and cold air will not leak too much, thus reducing the electricity bill and saving worry and trouble.

  • The product is installed with glue, no holes, firmness and no damage to the wall, easy installation, and high temperature resistance.

  • The product uses high-quality P12 steel wire rope, which has passed the tensile test and rebound test, and has a strong tensile force.

  • The product is suitable for doors with a slightly stronger closing force, and is suitable for most doors such as sliding doors, double doors, and glass doors.

  • Multi-functional automatic door closer, automatically close all doors. Hole-free adhesive installation, good firmness, does not damage the wall, easy installation, high-temperature resistance.

  • The high-quality steel wire rope has passed 50,000 times tensile test and rebound test, with strong tensile force.

  • Suitable for doors, or doors with a slightly stronger closing force.Doors that open left and right, wooden and metal doors, residential and commercial doors, exterior/inner door closers, fire doors.