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Kids knee protector

Description :-

Knee Cap provides sufficient support to the knee joint. It is designed to apply the right degree of pressure that can help reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, or an injury-triggered swelling around the knee. Because of its compression function, it can also bring relief and can help speed up recovery from any muscle or ligament injury. Since it supports the knee and protects the knee joint, it can be worn during any physical activity and reduce the risk of injuries. Knee Cap has a special knit material with two-way stretch ability for easy wearing. It is made from a very breathable and comfortable material. It does not cause a foul odour due to its ability to absorb sweat.

Features :- 
*Measure the circumference of your mid thigh
*Circular knit material with two-way stretch ability
*Very breathable and comfortable material
*Type: Hot & Cold Treatment. Ideal For: Male and Female