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  • Mini EMS Massager - Eliminates sagging underarm fat, ideal for lymphatic drainage to promote blood circulation etc.

  • Mini lymphatic massage cushion: the mini massage pillow is only 16 cm long and only 8 cm in diameter. Relieves muscle discomfort, activates muscle pressure and achieves a soothing effect.

  • 8 Modes & 19 Intensity Levels: 8 neck massage modes and free combination modes for you to choose. Users can select the appropriate mode according to personal needs. Gives you the feeling of a real massage, promotes detoxification of the lymphatic system and achieve the effect of relieving fatigue. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the lowest intensity.

  • USB charging: 8 hours continuous use after charging for 2.5 hours. USB charging can provide more stable power with longer service life.

  • Wide range of applications The massage mat can also be widely used on different parts of the body, breasts, neck, shoulders and legs. Suitable for everyone.