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Why Baby proofing?
The curious mind of a child wants to know what is behind the door you just closed or opened. For that, gazing at the door closing and opening is quite appealing to a child. Do not forget, a child by nature is inquisitive and inquiring.

Baby Safety Locks, Child Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Appliances, Toilet Seat, Fridge and Oven, Uses Dual Adhesive Tape (Blue & White)
Child Safety
The Cabinet Lock prevents children from injuring their hands or fingers by closing cupboard doors.

Solution, Not Restriction
Baby's cabinet locks are easy to use as they operate on the click-open concept, which does not work as a blockade for parents. Whereas being a parent, no longer have to worry about your kid opening the cabinets that often contains non-child friendly products, Alimira lock.

Protection with Quality
One needs peace of mind before adhering anything to their precious piece of furniture, as the furniture also requires gentle use. Tony Stark cabinet locks come with 3M tape, which can be attached to any flat surface.

An Ideal Lock of Baby proofing
Easy to access the door
Easy to apply and remove
Protect little hands
Convenient & safe
Can be mounted at any height

Effortless Design for Stress-free Use
Step 1: Clean the Surface where you want to stick to the Lock
Step 2: Peel off the tape covering
Step 3: Align and sick to the surface