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Description :-

  • Humidifier with Volume - This humidifier for the bedroom can improve your life, because it has a jet volume and can moisturize in multiple directions for a whole day.

  • Adjustable - With a careful humidification and hydration effect, it has working modes: continuous mode and intermittent mode. Press the button and the operation mode can be changed freely. Beautiful little humidifier.

  • Colorful Light - With 4 different lighting colors will make your humidifier much more charming, it is very practical. And you can adjust the lighting effect freely. Charming room humidifier.

  • Quiet Room Humidifier This portable humidifier can also be used in a car, helps improve the car air and guides you along the way without making noises.

  • Easy to Carry - This humidifier is small in size and very portable and can be carried and used anywhere, so you feel comfortable all day.