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Bhimseni Kapur  Bhimseni Kapoor camphor is one of the best natural air freshener burning ingredients during your Pooja and ritual offering like aarti.  Bhimseni Kapoor Camphor is burnt in a display of the lamp naturally formed in the stems of dryobalanops camphora (Modern herbal camphor, Bhimseni Kapoor) Cinnamomum agasthyamalayanum in Indian language. Camphor Tablets कापूर It's perfect for keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. But what's even better is that it can help to keep pests away and bring the blessings of God to your home, preferably used in pooja and evening pooja at home. That's why we've got the best Bhimseni Kapoor camphor for you. Not only does it smell great, but it's also proven effective at repelling pests.