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KITCHEN SHINING POWDER Shining Powder, Cleans And Polishes Copper, Brass, Silver, Aluminum, Iron, And Steel, Removes Tarnish And Oxidation (200 GM)

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₹ 99


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Description :-

  • Whether you want to clean and polish your copper utensils, brass, silver, aluminum cookware, iron tools, or steel appliances, you can rely on the Shining Powder. This is a versatile product that can effectively remove tarnish and oxidation from different types of metals and make them look new and shiny.

  • The Shining Powder is easy and convenient to use. You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing or rubbing your metal items. You just need to mix the powder with water and apply it with a soft cloth. Then rinse it off with water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. You will see the difference in minutes.

  • Metal cleaning / shining powder. Mostly used for Pooja items and utensils cleaning. Suitable for brass, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, and iron.

  • Cleans, protects, preserves and restores the shine and luster to a variety of different surfaces