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  • LAPTOP ANTI-BLUE LIGHT FILTER — Block 90% of harmful blue light emissions from your laptop screen which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision.

  • Multi-layer filter technology is used to effectively reduce the blue light of the screen, ,make the light softer and reduce the soreness of the eyes, protects your eyes and sleep.

  • Acrylic material, Anti-scratch/explosion-proof/anti-collision, can prevent the TV from being hurt by the outside world.

  • Suitable For Everyone — Perfect for? short- sighted person, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover etc.

  • Hanging installation is convenient and quick, bid farewell to the trouble of film blistering, without any burden. Easy to install, just remove the sticker on each side and hang on the monitor screen.

  • Protect your device from dust, scratches and fingerprint.

  • Designed for perfect fit with the LCD screen.

  • Offers touch, durable, transparent surface while keeping the screen clean and unscratched