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  • 【Soft Material 】Made of chenille fiber/microfiber soft material. Mop slippers can easily clean the dust, dirt, and pet hair, never damage the surface of your floor.

  • 【Easy to Use】 Just left them on your shoes and walk around and it picks up all the dust and hair without bending down or kneeling, can use it with barefoot or as a shoes cover.

  • 【Easy to Clean】 Clean your floor. We don't have to kneel or bend over. Simply slip it over our feet or shoes, so that the floor is clean, and our hands will be free for other chores.

  • 【Stretchy Design】 Dust Mop slippers are stretchy, Free size to fit most people (adults and kids), perfectly over shoes, socks, barefoot and can even be put on the mop itself, a very easy way to clean the house.

  • 【Multi-Functional】 Used to clean your floor, window, bathroom, office, kitchen, can also be set in a mop as a mop head, used to wipe floor, wipe glass, or wash the car, etc.