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  • Our hanging hand towels are soft and comfortable super soft microfiber material, with super water absorption at the moment, making your palm and finger fully enjoy the dry, soft, comfortable skin-friendly

  • Microfiber towel is not only super water absorbent but also dries quickly, you can hang them in the ventilation to dry after using them, and the water will volatilize at a fast speed.

  • Our hanging wash basin hand towels are made of super water-absorbent microfiber material with a built-in sponge inner core, very fast water absorption, quick dry, and double-sided usable. After washing your hands, you only need to gently pat and wipe them, quickly feeling water stains on your hands and drying them in a second.
  • Hand Towel For Bathroom: KITCHEN HAND TOWEL The Supple Towel is very in kitchens, bathrooms and other places where you need to dry your hands constantly.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - The microfiber chenille is matched with a soft sponge lining, which is soft, comfortable and highly absorbent, and you can dry your hands quickly.