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Mini Sealing Machine Plastic Bag Sealer Portable Mini Super Seal Packing Plastic Bag Tool Sealing Machine Hand Held Heat (1Pc)



  • About this item It is suitable for most snack and food Impulse Pouch Packet Vacuum like potato chip bags, aluminium foil bags PVC bags, etc. heat sealing time depends on thickness of bag.

  • Squeeze air out of bag before completing the seal to create vacuum effect. Color: - multi color color will be send as per availability Designed with ease of use in mind - Place edge of poly or mylar bag in your sealer and slowly pull the bag through.

  • Sealer has good sealing effect, after heat sealing, it is equivalent to not opening the package at all, sealing clip can't completely isolated air.

  • Airtight seal - Create airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale and lock in freshness and flavor. Also safely pack cosmetics when traveling.

  • Safe and Portable :- Touchless vacuum impulse technology harmless, safe. Suitable for foil heat seal bags, plastic snack bags, vacuum food storage bags, food package bags.