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MINI SEALING MACHINE Portable Heat Sealer Mini Sealing Machine for Food Storage Vacuum Bag

₹ 79

₹ 199


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Multifunctional Household Mini Portable Super Sealer Handy Plastic Bag Sealer Sealing Machine



  • Fresh, antibacterial, moisture-resistant, anti-mould and anti-oxidation.

  • It is easy to use and small enough to fit your kitchen drawer.

  • The compact Super sealing system eliminates refrigerator burning, reducing deterioration and food waste.

  • You can protect not only meat, fruits, snacks and vegetables, but also letters, magazines, printed photos, sheets and anything you want to package to prevent oxidation.

  • Save money by extending the life of food! Vacuum seal can keep food fresh longer.

  • Ceramic heating head can be more durable, provides better heat resistant function compared with plastic heating head.

  • Portable design convenient for your using.
  • Used to seal daily plastic bag, such as snack bags, easy to use.