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  • 【Material】Made of high quality PVC plastic that is not easy to deform. And high-quality adhesive is used, which has a long-lasting viscosity, so it is very fit and will not leave marks.

  • 【Package and Size】The package contains 2 pcs rear view side mirror rain guard.

  • 【Features】It can protect the rearview mirror of the car, can effectively prevent the rearview mirror from being scratched, and block the sunlight, reduce direct sunlight, and also improve driving safety. Keep a clear view and drive more calmly on rainy and snowy days.

  • 【Advantage】Easy and convenient for installation, reliable and durable to use. It is a good helper for traveling in rainy and sunny days.

  • 【Application】Please pay attention to clean the rearview mirror before sticking and install it when it is dry and dust free. Once installed, squeeze the blade for 6 to 10 minutes to make sure the glue is well set.In low-temperature weather, use a hair dryer to properly heat and soften before installing.