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  • tainless steel blade: durable, convenient, lightweight material. The sharp blades provide the sharp precision, smoothest, cleanest cut.

  • Safe and painless: micro touches technology control for precision cut adjustment, never hurts the nasal cavity.

  • DURABLE: This ear and nose curler is durable and long lasting. It promises pain-free trimming with each use.

  • PREMIUM: The high quality material used, comes with a safety cap to cover the nossel. Effective tool for easy, at home trim.

  • 1. Remove the safety cover. 2. Switch on the trimmer. Hold the tip of the trimmer to your nostril / ear. 3. Begin to trim at the hair protruding from the desired area. 4. Turn off the device after use, and clear the head of the trimmer with a brush.

  • COMPACT: The lightweight, compressable & sleek design makes the stand super portable for on-the-go needs.