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Compressed Towels Portable Disposable Compressed Cotton Coin Tissue Towel for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Sport, Beauty Salon, Home Hand Wipes (28x40 Inch)

Description :-


  • 【 SAFETY AND HEALTH 】Disposable compressed towels are made of natural plant, individually packaged, and can be carried anytime and anywhere to keep the body clean, prevent dust particles from staying on the skin for a long time, and reduce dust. Our risk of infection.

  • 【 PORTABLE AND COMFORTABLE 】The coin size tablets can be easily put into bags, purses, or pockets without taking up many spaces. Our disposable compressed towels package included 1 Pc disposable face towel, meet your daily needs. It could also be sued to clean the surface of kitchen, refrigerator, furniture and glass after washing your face.

  • 【 NO PUNGENT SMELL 】Light and soft on the skin makes them ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The towels are gentle on young children and make for great baby wipes!breathe freely.

  • 【 INDEPENDENT PACKAGING 】Individual and independent packaging more convenient and quick to use does not occupy your space suitable for outdoor travel and personal care.

  • 【 MEET DAILY NEEDS 】Excellent gift for family friends traveler survival enthusiasts hunters campers and backpackers.