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About this item

  • 【DESIGN FOR CONVENIENCE】Cute penguin Storage Rack, it is a little helper that combines decoration and storage. It is made of PP material,Uniform drainage spout at the bottom to drain water and not hide dirt.The penguin has an open belly for easy access. Its shape will add a different visual dimension to furniture storage.
  • 【CUTE APPEARANCE】This penguin decorative storage rack has a beautiful colourful appearance, which can breathe fresh life into your life, its small body with a big capacity, a small stomach can also store your various small objects, it is ideal for girls with a lot of small objects, and also for mothers with children, create an enriching and colourful childhood family life for your child.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 No tools no drilling needed. Reinforced adhesive traceless tapes are provided. Just stick the traceless tape on, and squeeze air bubbles out by hand. No marks left after removal on smooth and sturdy glass, ceramic tile, metal and wood surface. Not recommended on rough, or textured, or easy peeling walls and surface.