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Round Shaped LED Battery-Powered Wireless Night Light Stick Tap Night Lamp ?? 

Battery Powered Round White LEDs Stick Tap Touch Lamp is your small but faithful and reliable friend. After you have it, you will no longer have to suffer from darkness. For example, looking for cabinets in the dark. Now you can enjoy bright light anywhere you need with just a few simple steps! Its shape is simple and can be integrated into any environment, suitable for use in wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, garages and other places.


?? Various Purpose
? Bedroom As A Bed Night In Your Computer Table Or Book Shelf
? Kitchen: Inside The Cabinets, Below Oven, Near Sink, Etc


?? Simple Installation
? Step 1: Peel the dual adhesive tape of the bottom
? Step 2: Mount the lights onto almost any surface
? Step 3: Tap the light to switch it on and off
? Step 4: Switch close to open botton and install 3 AAA batteries (not include)


?? Features
? Equipped with new LED technology, the Push Light can output 44 lumen of intense light.
? With self-adhesive sticker on the backside, it can be attached to any flat surface in a horizontal or vertical position. Simply stick it to your desired flat surface and it’s ready for use.
? Silver stick touch lamp
? Fashionable design, Lightweight and easy to use
? Power saving,soft light, long using life
? Adhesive strips for easy installation
? Easy peel/stick or sensor activited