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Rechargeable 360 degree stunt rolling remote control car with colourful 3d lights and music for kids

  • It produce bright colors and lights, dynamic music , translucent tires and blazing speed makes it different from others, which will attract the interest of your children. Also it has small size, light weight, very easy to carry. Add more fun even for children’ s excursion.
  • This Remote Control Car comes with many features that will keep kids entertained for hours. Delight yourself with its feat tricks, twirls and turns. It does so much rolling that it’s hard to believe that it would remain intact after such an action.
  • Spiral spins, Amazing flip over, 360 degree Roiling
  • It moves and operates with brilliant flashing multi-colour led lights and presents itself with creative and imaginative movements by the use of the arc remote, which makes it a very special arc product
  • The arc stunt car is completely unique due to its complex design, which lets the user be creative and develop their own stunt moves and techniques