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TUBE SHAPE PAPER SOAP Beautiful Design Tube Shape Bottle Paper Soap Clean Soft Hand Wash, Face Wash For Travel/Office/Home

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Travel Soft Paper Soap In Flower Design Tube Shape Bottle (Assorted/Random Colour) 


Light & thin soap flakes that flow, slowly melt in the warm water, people will enjoy its colorful water & great scent! It is gentle that helps to clean and repair skins with the anti-septic effect! The new concept of individual soap suitable for household, traveling or hotel uses.

Can use it for hand washing Good for premium & magazine promotions. Suitable for cleaning hand. simply toss a handful of bath confetti under running water and allow the soapy. 

Easy to carry. Applicable in home, trip, hotel, office and etc. It Is Gentle That Helps To Clean And Repair Skins With Anti-Septic Effect! New Concept Of Individual Soap Suitable For Household, Traveling Or Hotel Uses. Besides For The Bath-Tub Use, You Can Use It For Hand & Face Wash And Even For Shower! Good For Premium & Magazine Promotions.